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3 WipySprayers (2+1 FREE)

3 WipySprayers (2+1 FREE)

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Beat the heat wave this summer!

With this WipySprayer, you will be able to moisturize your skin and feel much better in high temperatures!
Always remember to refresh yourself to avoid sunstroke or discomfort, your skin needs it!

Discover your Pocket Refresher

A mini rechargeable mist sprayer that can fit in your pocket. Take it anywhere you go, to refresh yourself and hydrate your skin.

Super handy

Take your WipySprayer everywhere with you thanks to its small size and portability, it will fit perfectly in your bag or in your pockets.
This mini size is suitable for your outings on a sunny day.

How to use it?

• Open the water tank
Flip the objet upside down and turn counterclockwise, to unscrew the water tank.
• Add water or others

Add water in the tank. You can also add something else like aroma oils, alcohol or disinfectant liquid.
WARNING : Always dilute the product you put in the object with water and shake before use !
• Remount the main part

When your water tank is filled up, simply remount the main part on the water tank and turn clockwise to tighten everything together.
• Ready to go!

Push the principal button and the mist will come out! Enjoy your WipySprayer!

Say goodbye to sunstroke with the WipySprayer

What material is Wipyshop NappyBag made of?

Our nappy bags are made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. We use a combination of polyester and nylon to ensure that our bags are both lightweight and sturdy.

This product is ideal for babies of what age? 

The retractable bed can accommodate babies from 1 month to 24 months


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