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Wipy™ Drawing Projector

Wipy™ Drawing Projector

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Kids love graffiti by nature! Let them develop their creativity in all aspects of creation. The drawing board allows your children to express themselves artistically.

Watch their little eyes light up with joy when they see our Wipy Drawing Projector! 👫

Cognitive development:

Children use their knowledge to draw. This works the brain of the little ones and stimulates the sense of observation while getting away from mobile, tablet and TV screens, etc.

Development of gesture coordination:

by drawing geometric shapes, children begin to master their gestures. They can also learn new animals/fruits. The possibilities are endless!

Improved fine motor skills:

The child learns to draw more and more detailed elements on smaller surfaces.

The projected image is well defined and visible.

Children will easily draw the lines above the projection and will also quickly learn to use the projector. You can load the projector with one of the included projector reels that contain several preset images.

Simply rotate the disc to switch to a new image.


  • The projector can project 24 different images.
  • Flexible 90° rotation, can adjust the angle.
  • Focal length is adjustable, turn to make the image clearer.
  • Develop your children's concentration and imagination during recess.


Package includes:

Projection board x 1
Slide x3 (8 patterns each) = 24 different images
Watercolor pen x 12
Drawing book x 1
Eraser x 1


🎨 Age appropriate: 1 - 8 years.
🌱 Materials: Environmentally friendly ABS
📏 Size: 38 x 25 x 29.5 cm

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What material is Wipyshop NappyBag made of?

Our nappy bags are made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. We use a combination of polyester and nylon to ensure that our bags are both lightweight and sturdy.

This product is ideal for babies of what age? 

The retractable bed can accommodate babies from 1 month to 24 months


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